Why do we participate to the sales season?

Those who have been following the onfootprint adventure from the start have undoubtedly noticed that our model has changed a bit in 2021. In fact, we started by working with partner brands from which we bought all the products that we offered to you and today we have our own brand that we offer on pre-order.

This model allowed us to get started and start to market ourselves, but today it is no longer viable for us. When we bought our stock from our partners, we were forced to make difficult choices, regarding sizes for example. Being a new store that did not yet know its customers, to take as little risk as possible, we bought products in the most common sizes. The problem is, a lot of people couldn't identify themselves with us because we didn't offer their sizes. Another problem we have are unsold items, those pieces that for one reason or another are still on our premises and have not found the person they are going to make happy yet.

The range of sizes and unsold items are some of the reasons we turned to pre-orders. In addition to allowing us to create our own brand of clothing, we can offer a wider range of products which is more inclusive, with a large number of unisex choices, and unsold products become a problem of the past, we only produce what is sold.

Today, we are taking advantage of the sales period, precisely to try to find a home for items from our old collections. All the products we have chosen for our shop are special to us and we hope that with the price reductions you can treat yourself if you have flashed on a product and we can focus on the future of onfootprint .

We designed our business model before the health crisis, a lot has changed in the world over the past two years, but our desire to actively participate in the transition towards a more sustainable fashion industry remains intact. We participate in the sales, not because we agree with overconsumption, but because we see this period as an opportunity to do away with unsold items and focus on the future of onfootprint.

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