Spring / Summer 2020


Our goal? To propose a collection that is a reflection of our desires, of our daily life: clothing respectful of our environment, a style that resembles us and that releases sustainable fashion from the clichés of which it is still the victim.

Today we are proud to present our second collection AW20-21. Our project grows as the number of our partners: we are now working with 12 brands whose work we admire and who have accepted to trust us. You already know some of them from the first collection and we hope you will appreciate the ones joining as much as we do. 

As with our previous collection, each of these brands was chosen keeping consistency in mind, both in terms of approach and style. Great novelty, we have expanded our range and now offer accessories!

The strength of this collection is that at the same time it's made of basics, timeless, simple and refined lines but also more peculiar pieces which remind us that fashion is also about having fun!

Our role? Play with codes and anchor ourselves in our time by not hesitating to mix all clothes, no matter the label!

Our selection?
- Naturally inspired hues, warm brown and beige, inspiring deep green... 
-  ... and plaid print in all possible versions to enhance, structure and awaken the silhouettes!
- Confort above all, with cotton but also with wool from head to toes for a soft and confy winter

- Lightness and transparency for a season full of poetry and romanticism...

- And as always, functional cuts to approach everyday life in style.

The safe bet of this Autumn/Winter? The classic warm camel, be it in a coat, a shirt or pants, the poetry of a moiré bralette or a silk organza blouse, a must-have raw denim pair of jeans or the British style of a houndstooth pattern. 


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