onfootprint x Roro Mawouane

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Our signature white onfootprint t-shirt is dressing up! For our very first artist collaboration, we have decided to work with Roro Mawouane, a very talented French illustrator based in Lille. 

Roro Mawouane's work is joyful, colorful and inspiring, we couldn't think of a best collab to bring some color into our onfootprint adventure!

Pre-order your onfootprint x Roro Mawouane t-shirt and enjoy a 20% off! 

It is made of 100% organic cotton.

Product care
Wash at 30 degrees celsius, on a short cycle to prolong the lifecycle. 

To preserve your clothes and the planet we advise avoiding a dryer machine.
Always iron your clothes inside out to protect their fibres.

The onfootprint t-shirt is unisex with a regular fit.

Carbon footprint estimate : 
6 kg

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