Resilient Sustainability

At onfootprint one of our main strengths is resilience. We had been working on the launch of our online boutique for over a year, and only two weeks after our launch the lockdown started in France. When I look back at that moment, I fill myself with pride because our team didn’t see this as a problem for our business, but as an opportunity. 

An opportunity to keep growing, to finish the things we hadn’t had the time to finish before, to solidify our foundations. And so we kept working, and kept adjusting to the changing situation. We decided to stop shipping orders so as to not put anyone at risk, but kept receiving and preparing orders to ship as soon as it is safe to do so. We also kept planning the “after” even though no one really knows when that is.   

As we were working on our marketing strategy, which is crucial for a young brand like ours, we contacted a photographer to plan a photoshoot, even though we had no idea when that would be, we wanted to be ready as quickly as possible to get things up and running. To our surprise the photographer we contacted, Haleigh Walsworth, was actually in the South of France with her family, where she had to stay for the lockdown, and presented a great opportunity to us, to shoot a summer campaign and use her family as models for the occasion. 


The decision was an easy one to make, we jumped at the opportunity because this meant that we would be able to create content and keep growing while keeping everyone safe. All the pictures from this campaign were taken only with the people who were already on lockdown together, and the rule of not going farther than 1km from their place was never broken. I invite you to follow this beautiful campaign not only because it brings a joy and warmth much needed right now, but also because it is a testimony of how great things can be made even in dark and unsure times. 

We still don’t know what the “after” is going to look like, but one thing is sure, we will always be able to adapt to whatever may come our way and we will always stay as optimistic as we are today. We strongly believe in our project, in the importance of sustainable fashion and in the key role it plays in saving our environment. And we’re convinced that after the storm more people will have realised it too. 

Follow our steps, improve your footprint 

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