Aatise as it is a French brand that prioritizes sustainable fibers such as French linen and Ecovero™. Their production is based in the South of France, close to Bordeaux. All Aatise pieces presented in our boutique are made especially for us. 

Bask in the Sun

Bask in the Sun is a French brand based in the Bask Country. Their clothes are made in Portugal, mostly with organic cotton. They also use other sustainable fibers such as linen and Tencel™. 


Basus is a French brand based in Paris. All their production is made in Europe and they promote the use of cork in each one of their pieces as cork is a great alternative to leather.


Cyprée is a French brand based in Paris. They make their clothes with scrap fabrics from other brands. Upcycling fabrics is a great way to reduce waste and to reduce production of new fabrics. The pieces are very special as they are pretty much unique pieces.


Gnana is a Romanian brand. They produce in very limited quantities as most of their clothes are made from upcycled materials such as linen, cotton or wool, this practice goes against mass production, which makes every piece very special as they are only a few of each.


Graine is a French brand based in the Bask Country. Their clothes are made in Portugal, mostly with organic cotton and in small quantities.



Faguo is a French brand that creates shoes, clothing and accessoires. 70% of their products are made from recycled materials, and that number will keep going up. They plant a tree for every article they produce, to know more about the Faguo forests click here. Their production is BSCI certified. 


Hipli is a French reusable packaging solution. Each Hipli bag can be used up to 100 times! They are made out of recycled plastics and recycled when they can no longer be used. 


JKobald is an Austrian brand based in Belgrade. We partnered with JKobald to create our first pieces. They are all made in 100% organic cotton and they are very limited quantities of each piece.


onfootprint trusted Hindbag with the fabrication of our tote bags as they are made in collaboration with the Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute (SSMI). This NGO based in Delhi, helps women to reintegrate to their community through work. 

Our tote bags are 100% organic cotton and they were made by the women of the SSMI NGO. 


At onfootprint we thought of the fashion process as a whole and we're aware of the negative impacts packaging has on our planet. That is why we chose Noissue as our packaging provider. 

Our mailer bags, papers and stickers are all compostable. They are made from renewable plant-based materials and/or bio-polymers. These materials are a great addition to compost as they help balance the carbon-nitrogen ratio. Just 180 days after you put them in the compost, your onfootprint packaging will naturally disintegrate. 

By choosing Noissue as our packaging provider, onfootprint joined the Packaging Eco Alliance. Its main goal is to contribute to the reforestation of our planet. 

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Noyoco is a French brand based in Paris. All their pieces are made with natural, organic, recycled or upcycled fabrics, which makes every piece in their collection sustainable.

Roro Mawouane

Roro Mawouane is a French illustrator based in Lille. At onfootprint we love her colorful and joyful universe and that's why we decided to collaborate with her! Our signature unisex t-shirts now have a pop of color.  

Vida Loca

Vida Loca estimates the carbon footprint of the products sold in our boutique and gives customers the opportunity to fund projects that balance-out the carbon emissions of the product they buy. 

We aim for total transparency and want to help our customers make informed decisions when they buy from our store. We are committed to always choose the lowest carbon footprint products available to us and to try to improve from one collection to the next.


At onfootprint we have chosen INUK as the recipient of all donations made through our boutique. 

Inuk is a start-up that offers a rigorous, transparent and local carbon contribution. For the carbon credit sold to meet the ADEME criteria, customers will be able to finance two separate projects: part of their money goes to independent renewable energy producers which ensures that their CO2 emissions are balanced out in real time. As well as projects seeking funding to participate in a virtuous circle. This funding allows new projects to emerge and avoid emissions in the future. More information on their website.

We therefore suggest our customers to support a solar power plant project located in the PACA region: in addition to providing renewable electricity, the Verrerie ground power plant fits very well into the landscape and promotes biodiversity. The land is at the disposal of a shepherd for his sheep to graze and bee-forage plants are cultivated between each row of solar panels, so the bees come back to their natural habitat, beehives are also available on the grounds. The project seeking funding is an anaerobic digestion project located in Morbihan: waste from an agricultural farm supplies energy to a data center, located on the farm. The heat produced by this data center is also recovered to be used in the drying rooms of the farm. This short cycle heat production and recovery circuit will significantly reduce carbon emissions.



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