Our Contribution

Fast-fashion offers attractive collections at an ever-faster pace. We are passionate about fashion, but we are also committed to the preservation of our planet and we want to align our actions with our values.

But how can we combine our passion for fashion and the need to change our consumer behaviour?

All around the globe, there are designers, artisans and manufacturers, that have chosen to create their pieces with style and in line with a sustainable future, and their numbers keep growing.

Today, we have chosen to put the spotlight on them! We gather them to offer you a fashion experience that is aligned with our values: environmentally friendly and also respectful of the working rights and conditions of the people who make them. We found people who are as passionate as we are and who, with their skills, have helped us to create what we are proud to call "Our New Footprint": a platform that gathers eco-friendly, respectful of the people, trendy and attractive brands.

People are becoming more aware of the impact of their actions. Ethical and environmental issues are major concerns for more people. As we join the transformation, we participate to the change of other people’s habits. We know that there’s a lot left to be done, but we’re convinced that together we will move forward: producers, manufacturers, salespeople, consumers. Every initiative, be it at an individual or collective level, brings us closer to a more responsible system. By gathering our convictions, our know-how and our willingness to participate to the ecological transition, we contribute to the transition.

Our Commitment

We strive to empower fashion consumers, to dress them in style while minimising the negative impacts the fashion industry has on our environment. How? By carefully choosing every product on our platform. Each product has a unique story, and teaches us a lesson. By choosing to promote it, we are making a statement.

When we choose clothes made from recycled materials, we’re saying: we don’t want to waste what already exists.

When we choose clothes made from organic fabrics, we’re saying: we need to reduce our consumption of oil-based products like synthetic fabrics, or pesticides used in certain crops.

 Because clothes are made to be worn, mixed and matched, our collections follow the seasons and stocks and not the short-lived trends dictated by fashion magazines. We choose clothes that are of high quality, timeless and that everyone can wear in their everyday life.

We use a packaging that is also in tune with our convictions: we reduce packaging as much as possible, and each package is compostable, plant-based and durable.

Further, because we believe in a wholesome approach, we don’t make alterations to any of our pictures as we celebrate the beauty in every face and body.


We are not offering a mere act of purchase. To put an end to our irresponsible ways of consuming goods and to their harmful consequences to our environment, onfootprint provides a different experience and a positive relation to products.

Along with our partners (brands and designers) we’re committed to be as transparent as possible in regards to how every article is made and the origin of the materials it is made.

The team

onfootprint is about friendship also about travelling around the world. Venezuela, France, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, our lives have taken us around the globe. These experiences and discoveries helped us understand the need and the urgency of changing our lifestyles.

Our strength is based on the diversity of our backgrounds and interests, just as it is on our synergy. The things that have influenced and shaped us are as diverse as they are colourful, pulled from our lives and our travels. Living today between Paris and London we are inspired everyday by the best things our world has to offer.

Follow our steps, improve your footprint